I’ve had the opportunity to work with Seth twice over the past twelve months.   I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my accuracy and have a greater level of confidence using my handgun.   Working with Seth allowed me to try several different handguns and rifles .  I now have a greater understanding of their operation and safety features. Seth has a wealth of knowledge and is an expert in his field. I highly recommend Seth and his classes to any woman looking to learn how to operate a handgun or improve their current shooting skills.

--- Sophia T

When we decided to have a gun in the home we knew it was a big responsibility, and we wanted to become educated in safe handling and use of a firearm. Seth’s low pressure but serious approach to training allowed us to feel comfortable that we could safely handle and utilize our new firearm.Beyond the “nut and bolts” of handling and operation, Seth talked about our decision to own a firearm and the responsibility of ownership. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about firearms and education and took great care to be sure we were completely confident and comfortable. Thanks Seth!

--- Ken Q

Well into my adulthood, I bought my first firearm.  Wanting to be safe and learning the proper skills, my wife and I took the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Class.  While the NRA class was a great introduction to shooting, we wanted to learn more at an accelerated pace and decided to look for private instruction.   Fortunately, we met Seth Wish from On Target Training.   Prior to training, Seth wanted to understand our goals and tailored a program to meet our needs.   He clearly explained what to expect, was well organized and made the experience both informative and fun.  The pace of class is dictated by the student with Seth providing the right amount of motivation and positive reinforcement.   Additionally, he is more than happy to answer any questions and is very responsive via e-mail, a rare quality these days. From basic safety and fundamentals to advanced training, you won’t find a better instructor than Seth.

--- Ron

I’ve lived around guns all my life. Growing up, my family were hunters, my husband has a 30 year career in law enforcement, but I had no formal training and I now wanted to do this for myself. I started looking for a basic gun safety course on-line. I went straight to the Peterborough Sportsman Club website. I found a “Basic Pistol” course being offered by Seth so I decided to attend along with two friends I recruited. I wanted to be confident with the fundamentals and “safe handling” of a firearm. Seth’s teaching style was great, very personable and professional. Lots of “hands on”, with a discussion based teaching environment. Seth demonstrated exteme safety at all times coupled with extensive knowledge and tremendous skill. After taking this basic course, I have a new level of confidence in myself and a knowledge base to build upon as a gun handler. I have to say, it was alot of fun!!!

--- Heidi

I met with Seth for a two-hour instructional lesson in order to re-familiarize myself with the laws and safety procedures associated with being a responsible gun owner.  It had been years since I had used a gun and I wanted the 1:1 attention I felt I needed to relearn how to safely own and operate a pistol.  Seth was extremely patient and attentive and combined my lesson with the right amount of humor and enthusiasm I needed to feel comfortable meeting with someone who had come highly recommended but who I did not know.  I would suggest that anyone who is serious about wanting to safely use a gun and wants to do so in a relaxed, non-intimidating environment contact Seth and set up a lesson.”


My son and I spent several hours with Seth last summer.  We learned firearms safety, basic operation of pistols / revolvers and how to select a firearm based on mission specific needs.  Perhaps the greatest benefit was the direct coaching on “fundamentals”.  This allowed both me and my son to gain confidence with our guns and deliver hits on target.  Seth is highly skilled with handguns, rifles and shotguns.    Other instructors spend too much talking.  Seth, on the other hand, balanced the verbal instruction with lots of shooting which was important to me and my son.    I highly recommended On Target Training, LLC.  Seth is a great instructor!

--- John W

I don’t own firearms, but wanted to know how to use them, especially in the case of an emergency.  Specifically, I wanted to know the safety aspects of handguns so I could load, unload, and shoot one if I ever had to.  As an independent woman, I want to be self reliant…and know that I am confident in my ability to be safe around a firearm.  I believe a firearm is a tool that every woman should understand, even if it’s just to know how to unload a gun to make it safe.  I’ve found that some women are afraid of guns only because they were never exposed to them in a safe environment.  I was myself, until I trained with Seth.  Women owe it to themselves to get the facts and hands on experience with firearms. Seth’s calm, compassionate demeanor, and clear step by step instruction made me feel safe, and confident in my ability to handle a firearm.  His attention to detail when it comes to safety in using a firearm made me feel comfortable, strong, and confident.  I hope I’ll never need a gun, but I’m grateful for the basic skills I now have after working with Seth and On Target Training.


--- Ann W

Before I worked with Seth, I was not a total newbie regarding guns.  When I was in my teens, I did a fair amount of target shooting with a rifle and enjoyed it very much.  (My grandpa was the organizer of the gun club in my home town.)  But after I grew up and moved away, I had little time or interest for shooting;  my skill and strength evaporated. I often thought it would be fun and useful to try again.  Then, I had the opportunity for sessions with Seth to try to bring my skills up to a reasonable level. I wasn’t exactly starting from scratch, but almost…   I learned an incredible amount in three one-on-one sessions! Seth’s an excellent teacher.  Not only does he explain how various firearms operate (I knew about rifles) – how to load, and unload, the use of various ammunition,  how to work with sights, how to keep the firearm steady, and so on – but he teaches with great skill, much patience, and amazing knowledge. I got to shoot at many targets with many different types of firearms. Seth placed great  emphasis on safety and staying focused and I liked that. He knows his guns, how to handle them and can articulate his knowledge with ease and humor.  It was a great experience!

--- MaryAnn S

I found Seth to be an excellent teacher, and  able to handle a wide range of experience in the same class.  His common-sense experiences and hands-on exercises were just what I needed.  I strongly recommend his classes and using him as a one-on-one coach.

--- Ed S

Safety was Seth’s number one topic in our NRA Basic Pistol class. By mixing in anecdotes and having us learn to handle various pistols, Seth made what could have been a dry and dull presentation lively and interesting.


--- John

I have trained with Mr. Wish and his knowledge and expertise in firearms and firearms safety is top notch.  Mr. Wish is also very personable which helps when trying to learn and understand guns and gun safety that can be intimidating to someone who is new to the sport.  He makes the experience very enjoyable and eases ones concern to be around firearms.  I would highly recommend Mr. Wish to anyone who is wanting to gain some knowledge in firearms.

--- Joe R